Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) as an alternative decision making framework for health technology assessment in Canada

Decision-making frameworks for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) have become a major topic in developed nations in recent years. Indeed, the quest for more rational and transparent HTA decision led many jurisdictions to investigate the use of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) as an alternative decision-making framework. In Canada, the development of a MCDA framework for HTA decision-making is in its infancy. Indeed, to our knowledge, only one MCDA framework has been proposed and tested in the country. This framework is based on a specific model of the broad families of MCDA methods while other methods that might be well suited for different decision-making contexts remain largely unexplored. This study will show the extent to which MCDA can help make rational and transparent decisions in Canada, by means of practical examples and case studies. A pilot test using the most appropriate MCDA model for the Common Drug Review (CDR) process in Canada will be carried out.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ron Goeree


Vakaramoko Diaby


Pfizer Canada Inc.






McMaster University



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