Multi-Criteria Supply Chain Design and Management Tool for Food Convergent Innovation in Dairy Business

The project will develop a firm-level multi-criteria supply chain design and management tool for Parmalat that will accommodate conflict and convergence between requirements for lean, agile, green, resilient, and nutrition characteristics that are all needed for convergent innovation (CI) in the dairy sector supply chain. A three-pronged program of activity is proposed in this project that comprehends: (1) a multi-layered supply chain analysis for four of the core product categories at Parmalat (yogurt, hard cheese, drinking milks and ingredients/whey protein), with methods anchored in lean production principles and progressively adding considerations of agile, green, resilient and nutrition characteristics; (2) an institutional analysis of the supply management context in the Canadian dairy sector to identify constraints and possibilities for food manufacturing companies in domestic and international markets; (3) a multi-stakeholder, multi-criteria decision making process for the firm-level tool development per se.

Faculty Supervisor:

Laurette Dube


Byomkesh Talukder


Parmalat Canada




Environmental industry


McGill University



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