Multi-dimensional and long-term reactive transport analysis of the geochemical stability of sedimentary basins

Sedimentary rock formations are currently under consideration for the placement and long-term storage of used nuclear fuel originating from nuclear power generation. A thorough understanding of the long-term geochemical stability in these rock formations is important to prove that future interactions of the waste material with aquifers as well as flora and fauna at the land surface can be ruled out for time periods exceeding 10,000 years. Constrained by observational data, a series of process-based computer simulations will be conducted to reproduce past geochemical changes of sedimentary basins. This research will result in improved capabilities for prediction of sedimentary basin evolution under present-day conditions and affected by climate change including glaciation and subsequent deglaciation events.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ulrich Mayer


Danyang Su


Nuclear Waste Management Organization


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Natural resources


University of British Columbia



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