Multi-dimensional wellbeing: Examining how financial, social, health, and environmental factors interactively determine subjective wellbeing

Maintaining a high level of subjective wellbeing (SWB) is critical to a happy and productive life. To achieve happiness, it is important to know what factors determine SWB. So far, a number of factors have been identified, including income, social relationships, physical health, and the environment. However, it is currently unknown how these factors interact with each other to influence SWB. The goal of the project is to develop an online survey to launch in Vancouver and Kelowna, BC. The survey will collect self-reports on financial stress, social relationships, perceived health, perceptions of the environment, affect, and life satisfaction. In collaboration with Balance Well-Being Centre Inc., this project will provide new insights on how various factors interactively predict SWB, and also create a comprehensive assessment tool to measure SWB. The findings of the project will help inform current practices and design solutions to improve SWB.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jiaying Zhao


Yu Luo


Balance Well-Being Centre Inc




Information and communications technologies




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