Multi-Year Study of the Early Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Canada

The NACO 2015 Early Stage Company Report will report on early-stage companies from the lense of the company, taking into account support from incubators, accelerators, and VCs. NACO will publish a final report that analyzes the extent to which different combinations of capital and strategic partnerships help entrepreneurial firms grow. The report will also aim to examine and analyze the effectiveness of the different tools used by Angel groups.
The goal of the report is to give a better view of successes and challenges that exist for high-growth, knowledge-based start-ups in Canada, recognizing that there is a lifecycle between incubators, accelerators, Angels, and Venture Capitalists. Success will be measured be the growth of the company through acquisition, an IPO, increase in revenue, additional funds raised, etc.
The intern is responsible for supporting survey creation, data collection, analysis, and writing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kenneth Grant


James des Roches


National Angel Capital Organization





Ryerson University



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