Multifunctional anti-viral membranes for removing pathogens

Nowadays the spread of different kinds of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses like COVID-19, dyes, heavy metals, etc. into the environment cause a threat for all human beings, living microorganisms, and nature. Thus, new approaches are needed to solve this problem or prevent the spread and reduce the negative consequences upon contamination.
Designing multifunctional membranes with antipathogenic and pollution-removal properties with the potency to be applied in different industries including water treatment, food packaging and biosensors could be a great solution to fight against the negative impacts of the pathogens pandemics and spread of pollutants. These biocompatible membranes modified with adsorbents and antimicrobial agents will prevent and remove different types of pathogens and pollutants, leading to minimized impact on environment and health of living species.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hadis Zarrin;Philip Chan


Nahid Azizi


Sensofine Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological




Ryerson University



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