Multifunctional Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the HubTrack helical transmission system for its application in transportation sector

With the latest measurements and experimental tests, we have strong evidence that the HubTrack is energy efficient and ecologically sound for a multifunctional transportation solution. Currently, the latest HubTrack operational system has reached the stage of pre-commercialization with an industrial standard compliant model based on monorail standards. To better position the HubTrack initiative as a top ecological and accessible solution, we want to measure how good HubTrack can contribute at meeting the greatest challenges and assumptions of the IPCC’s Climate Change Mitigation Report of 2014, which the following Report is due in 2021, and under the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. A multifunctional life cycle assessment for the HubTrack is necessary and complex to achieve because of the acuteness of the subject matter at all points, the technology is new, its potential operation is beyond the existing references, and the timing for new solutions in transportation is urgent for matters of emissions target and global reliability and reach of new transportation solutions. It can also enable the company to make better design and material choices, greener production and logistics operation towards faster and multi-unit configurable HubTrack systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yaoyao Fiona Zhao


Negin Moslemi Najarkolaee




Engineering - mechanical




McGill University



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