Multiscale In-Silico Screening of OLEDs: Simulating the Formation of Organic Glasses and Computation of Optoelectronic Properties

Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) are thin layers of organic chemicals with that emit light. As a novel form of technology, OLEDs can be used to manufacture flexible and ultrathin visual screens for mobile phones and televisions. They are extremely efficient; they produce very bright lights while producing very little heat. Designing better and cheaper OLED technologies requires that we understand the structure, behaviour and properties of OLEDs at the molecular level. As of now, this is a work in progress. This project seeks to develop an integrated collection of computer programs that can simulate the way in which OLEDs form and predict how efficiently they convert electricity into light. Our grand objective is to have a sophisticated piece of software that can analyse thousands of molecules to see predict the ones that can produce the “best” OLED.

Faculty Supervisor:

Artur Izmaylov


Rami Gherib


OTI Lumionics Inc


Environmental sciences


Advanced manufacturing




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