Multivariate analysis of neuroimaging and non-invasive brain stimulation data to assess functional and structural reorganization in the brain following stroke

The brain is a dynamically evolving structure. Rehabilitation interventions take advantage of its malleable properties that persist even after an injury from stroke. Various interventions are used in clinical practice at an attempt to restore normal activity in the brain. Non-invasive brain stimulation is a novel technique that may act as a facilitator of brain recovery. Due to the complexity of mechanisms that occur within the brain, multiple measures of neurological function are needed to capture the benefits that non-invasive brain stimulation may have on individuals with stroke. To gain a complete picture of this recovery, these measurements should be assessed in a unified framework. This project will use advanced statistical analysis to understand the story of the brain’s road to recovery following rehabilitation from stroke.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Lara Boyd


Katie Wadden


BC Mental Health & Addictions Services




Life sciences


University of British Columbia



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