Municipal Energy Futures Project: A Case Study of Regina, Saskatchewan

Meeting Canada’s commitment to the Paris Agreement will require a fundamental shift in the energy systems of
Canadian cities. Regina, Saskatchewan is located in the sun-belt of Canada and also lies within the Great Plains wind corridor. Recognizing this potential for renewable energy, the City of Regina has committed to a target of meeting 100% of its energy needs using renewable energy by 2050. This research project will support the City of Regina’s efforts by engaging with residents, industry, and expert stakeholders to identify consensus pathways for moving towards the 100% renewable energy target. We will conduct surveys and interviews of residents and businesses and hold deliberative dialogues on Regina’s energy future. The insights from the deliberative dialogues will be used to inform community conversations (workshops, or forums) in partnership with David Suzuki Foundation to engage the public on Regina’s energy future and support municipal governments to achieve renewable energy targets.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brett Dolter;Ann Dale


Larissa Shasko;Robbi Humble


David Suzuki Foundation


Environmental sciences


Other services (except public administration)




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