Muscle Oxygenation characteristics of elite middle-distance runners

Middle-distance running events require a high blend of endurance alongside speed and power characteristics, to produce a fast rate of energy production in large capacities. Oxygen delivery is one of the limitations to enhancing the rate of energy production, which in part is determined by the ability of the muscle to extract oxygen delivered in the blood from the lungs. Therefore this project aims to understand the muscle oxygen extraction characteristics of elite middle-distance runners, and how this relates to other performance parameters.
This work will have transferable practical applications for sports that require fast rate of energy production in large capacities over a 1.5-10 minute duration (e.g cycling, kayak, swimming, rowing, and speed skating). The findings of this project will stimulate development of targeted interventions that improve oxygen delivery to the muscle.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Koehle


Gareth Sandford


Canadian Sport Institute Pacific





University of British Columbia



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