Nano-engineered concrete and composites with advanced graphene-based 2D nanomaterials

The development of high performance and durable concrete material is extensively required in the present world to build resilient and sustainable infrastructure. This project will open the prospects for developing a high performing advanced concrete composite engineered with graphene-based nanomaterials. Graphene is a nanomaterial typically produces from graphite, with extraordinary strength and chemical properties. The partner organization in this project is ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd., the owner of a large high-quality graphite mineral in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. The use of graphene in concrete is expected to mitigate different limitations of concrete and increase its strength and durability performances. ZEN will be benefited from the knowledge and technology development on the suitable forms of graphene materials required for high performance and durable concrete materials production. This high-performance concrete application is highly desirable in the Canadian infrastructure development industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daman Panesar


Tanvir Qureshi


ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd


Engineering - civil



University of Toronto



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