Nanotechnology Solving Environmental Protection and Cyber-Physical Security: Smart Power-Grid Application

The ACPS will offer high-reliability and real-time monitoring of the smart-grid infrastructure and the secure CPS will provide secure communication and authentication of the smart-grid devices and components. This results in secure and improved power transmission that can reduce infrastructure maintenance cost for the utility companies and also reduced power-theft attacks from malicious sources. Successful outcome of this project will also reduce cost of power for the end user and benefit the society with secured higher quality of life. Additionally, environmental benefits are also achieved by reducing waste of the infrastructure material and generated power.
Mobility Systems demand new improved methods to authenticate data captured from devices and sensors, to validate user’s identities, and to secure and authorize access to services and information. The protection of privacy and data integrity as well as integration with the Internet through machine-readable features are essential for all potential users. TO BE CONT”D

Faculty Supervisor:

Bozena Kaminska


Zahra Abdolahi






Information and communications technologies




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