National Smart Vehicle Demonstration and Integration Project

In a context of global warming, it is essential to find green alternatives to public transportation. The National Smart Vehicle Demonstration Project aims to improve mobility options for Canadians by advancing the implementation of low-speed electrified autonomous shuttles (LSAs). This project aims to support job growth in the design of technologically advanced electrification, sensing, communication and cybersecurity tools that support LSAs. This research will highlight the added value of owning and operating LSAs, which rely on pricing systems and rely on different usage and maintenance costs for municipalities.The intern works will be useful to the CUTRIC and The National Smart Vehicle Demonstration Project to use localized modeling outputs and to generate empirical evidence to support the allocation of future municipal funding to transit-oriented LSAs initiatives.

Faculty Supervisor:

Richard Chahine


Catherine Gosselin


Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium


Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Automotive and transportation




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