Natural Heritage Risk and Vulnerability Assessment in the Region of Peel

This project involves better understanding how climate change might affect our natural environment with the Region of Peel located within the Greater Toronto Area. The approach is to consider how vulnerable components of the natural environment, such as streams, forests and the organisms living in these habitats, might be to a new climate or extreme weather. In addition to organisms like fish, wildlife and plants, humans also benefit greatly from nature when it is healthy and functional. Examples of these benefits include clean water and air, shaded streets and park lands, and recreation. Once we understand where and how our natural environment, and the related benefits to humans, needs greatest protection, management actions can be developed on a priority basis. Through this work, the TRCA will continue to foster science-based decision making and ensure that The Living City is built on a natural foundation of healthy rivers and shorelines, greenspace and biodiversity, and sustainable communities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Johanna Wandel


Glenn Milner


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Environmental industry


University of Waterloo



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