Near-Infrared Dyes for Next-Generation Motion detection technology

Currently, the traditional use of the dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) is well-known in the science community as an effective photovoltaic technology, where it works best in diffuse lighting conditions. With the insights brought from this research project, the DSSC can also be transformed into an optically sensing motion sensor based on the dye utilized within it. This project will focus on synthesizing a family of organic dyes that absorb in the near-infrared region, optimal for detecting movement. The second half of the project will utilize those dyes in device fabrication. These cells will be re-envisioned into a coating that can be applied onto existing windows so that the DSSCs can dually function as light harvesting windows and safety features (eg. security cameras that pick up motion and send a signal to another device alerting the homeowner).

Faculty Supervisor:

Bryan Koivisto


Tavneet Singh


Science Discovery Zone


Biochemistry / Molecular biology




Ryerson University



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