Neighbourhood Sustainability Assessment: Connecting Impact with Policy Intent

The Neighbourhood Sustainability Assessment: Connecting Impact with Policy Intent project seeks to conduct a sustainability assessment of the UniverCity neighbourhood on Burnaby Mountain. The Community Capital NSA tool will be used to evaluate how well the UniverCity neighbourhood is meeting its vision of being a model sustainable complete community. Results will be subjected to a comparative analysis with the results of an earlier assessment done by the Foundation for Sustainable Area Development’s FSA assessment tool. The comparative results analysis will contribute to the international dialogue surrounding rapid vs. in-depth assessment practices, sustainability assessment frameworks and indicators. The comparative analysis will also work to validate the results of the two assessments, influencing the future sustainability action and reporting priorities of one of Canada’s leading sustainable neighbourhood developments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Sean Markey


Kierstin Bird


SFU Community Trust


Resources and environmental management




Simon Fraser University



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