Net ecosystem exchange of carbon dioxide over agricultural fields near Lacombe, Alberta

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and Campbell Scientific Canada Corp. (CSC) have been operating an “eddy covariance” meteorological tower near Lacombe, Alberta that measures the flux of carbon dioxide (CO2) between agricultural fields and the atmosphere. This tower provides high frequency data that is used to assess plant growth and decomposition across large fields which is critical for understanding local crop viability and the role of Canadian agriculture in the global carbon cycle. Several years of eddy covariance data have accumulated from the Lacombe tower, however AAFC and CSC do not have sufficient resources to organize and verify these data. Using several different software packages, I will correct and finalize several years of CO2 flux data from the AAFC/CSC tower. I will statistically compare flux calculations between each program and choose the most suitable software for AAFC/CSC to use for future data processing. I will then develop a training and software use manual to guide future data processors to consistently and correctly calculate eddy covariance flux data for this station.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Vincent St. Louis


Craig Emmerton


Campbell Scientific Outcome






University of Alberta



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