Network Architecture for the Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Array

Kintama Research Corporation is the developer of the Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking (POST) acoustic tracking array, which monitors the continental shelf and major river systems in the west coast of North America. This array provides measurements on the marine movements and survival of Pacific salmon and other fish. Kintama is interested in the design of a network architecture to allow near real-time remote access to the underwater hydrophones sited on bridges or other fixed structures along the rivers. The proposed network architecture aims to interconnect different sensors across the river by using the commercial, off-the-shelf components, remotely monitor the status and performance of the sensor nodes, issue commands to the individual sensors to upload the data when desired and allow remote access via several different existing communications technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Vincent Wong


Vahid Shah-Mansouri


Kintama Research Corporation




Fisheries and wildlife


University of British Columbia



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