Network Design with Optimal Cut-Off Time

In this project we proposed to use mathematical programming approaches to an optimization problem where a depot has to stop receiving orders from stores and fulfill the received orders using trucks. The depot can use different cut-off times to different stores and considering order arriving patterns and transportation efficiency. We will develop heuristic and exact algorithms to the optimization problem with an objective of maximizing the sum of orders processed in a day. The optimization is subject to varous contraints such as transportation capacity and delivery time window. Decisions involve allocation of cut-off time to each store and the sequence of store in which trucks should travel. These decisions are independent as late cut-off time increases the size of order and the truck has a limited capacity. As later cut-off times will increase the sales of the EAP network as well as improve customer satisfaction, the proposed optimisation problem is of Canadian Tire's major interest.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Chi-Guhn Lee


Johnny Wing-Yiu Tam


Canadian Tire




Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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