Neuroimaging biomarkers of Parkinson’s disease identified through brain, brainstem and spinal cord imaging

In the current functional and structural neuroimaging project, we aim to identify functional and structural changes that correlate with disease presence and its severity  staging) and that can serve as a basis for future development of PD neuroimaging biomarkers. To achieve this objective we will use our expertise in functional neuroimaging of the cervical spinal cord (CSC), brainstem and brain (simultaneously), as well as in micro-structural neuroimaging of the spinal cord. The PDQ will play an essential role in  subject recruitment, while also benefiting from the research outcomes and gained knowledge from the project. This work has great potential for future development of  clinical applications as the novel PD biomarkers developed here can help diagnose the disease, assess its severity or prodromal identification of at-risk individuals.

Faculty Supervisor:

Julien Doyon


Linda S. Dahlberg


Parkinson Québec




Life sciences


McGill University



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