New Method for Delivering Protectants into Honey Bee Hives

Pollination services provided by honey bees is imperative to crop production in Canada. Unfortunately, honey bee health is compromised by pests and diseases leading to the decline and/or death of hives and decreased pollination. In this project we will implement the usage of a special inspenser to bring in materials that will protect the honey bees from pests and diseases. These inexpensive inspensers will decrease the workload of already busy beekeepers, while also improving the overall health of the hives. Our partner organization, George Weston Limited, is the largest grocery retailer in Canada, providing food to over 34% of Canadians. Healthy beehives provide better pollination resulting in more food to be delivered to Canadian grocery stores at a lower cost to farmers, beekeepers, and grocery store retailers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Kevan


Susan Chan


George Weston


Environmental sciences



University of Guelph



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