New methodology for seismic assessment and design of Non-Structural Components (NSCs) of building based on Ambient Vibration Measurements (AVM)

Past and recent earthquake clearly demonstrate that the poor seismic performance of Non-Structural Components (NSCs) can cause the building to lose its functionality, risks the life safety of occupants, and give a rise to huge economic damages even if the structural components have performed well. During past four decades, several analytical methods and empirical equations have been developed and recommended in codes and standards for seismic design and assessment NSCs. However, all of these approaches have shortcomings that make them either impractical or imprecise. Hence, this research study is aimed to develop an original method to generate experimental Floor Response Spectrum (FRS) and inter-story drift curves based on the Ambient Vibration Measurements (AVM) to provide engineers with a simple, practical and yet reasonably accurate method for seismic design and assessment of NSCs. The industrial partner (Sensequake) has developed 3D-SAM methodology and software, a robust tool for seismic assessment of structural components, and the outcome of this research study will benefit them to extend their methodology to cover the seismic assessment of NSCs as well.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ghyslaine McClure


Amin Asgarian


9420410 Canada Inc


Engineering - civil


Information and communications technologies


McGill University



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