Next Generation Catalyst Layer Design for PEM Fuel Cells

The performance of non-precious metal catalysts (NPMCs) for proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) has now reached a stage at which they can be considered as possible alternatives to expensive Pt, especially for low power applications. However, despite significant efforts on catalyst development in the past, only limited studies have been performed on NPMC-based electrode designs. Thus, it is required to develop an effective NPMC-based electrode that can correctly balance the complex parameters to maximize the performance it can bring. Herein, we propose the research and development of cost-effective NPMC electrodes with enhanced performance from hierarchical nanoarchitectures. This work entails a unique and promising approach in the advanced manufacturing of nanostructured NPMCs and electrodes with accurate engineering of their nanostructures.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zhongwei Chen


Ja-Yeon Choi


Ballard Power Systems Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological






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