Next generation content development and management

As a globally recognized credit service provider, DBRS plans to implement a new project called next generation content development and management. DBRS expects to expand its current online service offering to the users by launching a series of mobile apps with sophisticated and analytical tools.

The advent of these applications will fundamentally create an interactive environment which allows user to dictate the way the information will be utilized. DBRS (partner organization) will test the market appetite for these new products and determining what commercial model will work best for DBRS and the user community. These applications will further enable DBRS to fulfill its promise of providing “insight beyond the rating” and expand the rating business globally.

Faculty Supervisor:

Melanie Cao


Adrian Fonseca, Victor Swishchuk, Denis Kourktchan & Branislav Nikolic


Dominion Bond Rating Service Ltd.




Finance, insurance and business


York University



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