Next Generation Selective Nanocomposite Fibrous Membrane for Energy Recovery Ventilators – Year two

Heating and cooling in residential and commercial buildings account for 20% of total energy consumption in Canada. Conditioning indoor air using less energy is closely associated with minimizing production of greenhouse gases and making a sustainable global environment. In this study, we apply a nanocomposite fibrous membrane for an energy recovery ventilator (ERV). Heat and moisture from an exhaust contaminated indoor air are captured via ERV and recycled for conditioning entering outdoor air, ultimately resulting in energy savings and improving the indoor air quality of buildings. A membrane with high water vapor transport and selectivity over gases plays a key role in ERV to improve its efficiency of energy recovery and savings. A nanofibre technology and graphene chemistry will be applied to the development of the next generation ERV membranes. At the final stage, scaled-up nanocomposite fibrous membranes will be combined with the ERV devices designed by dPoint Technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Frank Ko


Taesik Chae


DPoint Technologies Inc.








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