Non-Invasive Real-time Glucose-Monitoring Smart Textiles

You may have heard of monitoring heart rate in a smartphone using lasers for measurement. Now think of having the wristband or some other wearable gadget and your health status is monitored in your smartphone or your doctors’ cloud. Glucose is one of these parameters that can be measured by this wearable device but the challenge is measuring the concentration of glucose in sweat which is almost 1000 times lower than the glucose in the blood. Our group could measure these ultra-low levels of glucose in synthetized sweat. If this can be completed, it can be used beside other sensors to eliminate the need of needling yourself when you need to check your blood sugar. This is not the only issue; this wearable device will be on a textile platform to make easier and comfortable for whom are wearing this device. This will help doctors to make the best decision based on their records and health status. This project will also enable the chance of using microneedles for auto-injection of insulin in the case of an emergency.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hadis Zarrin;Mehrab Mehrvar


Reza Eslami


Sensofine Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological




Ryerson University


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