Non-Viral Approach to Immunotherapy with Engineered Polymers

A new therapy was developed in order to combat cancers by stimulating our immune system to fight agents the cancer cells in the body. The activated immune system is more efficient to fight the cancer cells than the common drugs, but stimulating the immune system is very expensive and labour-intensive with the currently developed protocols. This project will develop a cost-effective way to stimulate immune system to fight cancers. We will use advanced biomaterials and immune stimulatory genes in order to achieve this. Our proposal is mush less labour intensive then the current protocols to stimulate immune system. Successful completion of the project will reduce the burden of immune-therapy on healthcare system and make the treatment available to a large population of patients.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hasan Uludag;Robert E Hayes


Samarwadee Plianwong;Daniel Nisaker


RJH Biosciences Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Alberta



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