Nonlinear Section Model Tests in the Wind Tunnel for Cable-Supported Bridges

Due to the length and intrinsic flexibility of cable-supported bridges, wind causes serious challenges to designers of such structures. To ensure the safety of these bridges, it is common practice to test scale models of bridges in the wind tunnel. As bridges are getting longer, simplifications used for typical wind tunnel test become questionable. Therefore, this project aims at developing a new type of wind tunnel tests for bridges in order to check whether these simplifications are safe for very long bridges. With their expertise in the field of long-span bridge engineering, COWI North America will benefit from this research project by making use of the research conclusions in their future designs of long-span bridges.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ashraf El Damatty;J. Peter C. King


Sébastien Maheux


COWI North America


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


Western University



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