Novel Cell-surface Engineering Methods to Increase Immune-tolerance of Allogenic Cell Transplantation

Blood transfusion is required for surgery, for the treatment of traumatic accidents and for patients with disorders that require lifelong transfusion therapy. However, when patients receive “mismatched” blood transfusion, their immune system will attack and destroy red blood cells with surface sugars and proteins that differ from their own. This results in massive immune responses in patients, causing shock and even death. In this study, we will use a specialized machinery protein called enzyme to “glue” globular hyperbranched polyglycerol (HPG) polymers to the surface of red blood cells to mask the surface sugars and proteins to generate universal donor red blood cells. This study will make the blood transfusion much safer and help solve the shortage of blood supply worldwide by creating red blood cells that can be transfused to people regardless of their blood types, which are the founding objectives of Canadian Blood Services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu


Haisle Moon


Canadian Blood Services




Medical devices




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