Novel Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Strategies to Investigate Separation of Various Oil Contaminations from Wastewater Systems Using Functionalized Membranes and Magnetic Nanoparticles

In this project, a collaboration between an industry partner and Memorial University will begin with a PDF working on a project partly funded by MITACS and in part by the industry partner. In this project, we will be investigating how to separate oil contaminations from water using filtration through a membrane. The membrane properties will be changed so that the process will be optimized. The oil contamination could be in the finely-dispersed form (i.e. emulsion) or in a mixture form. The financial support supported by the industry partner will facilitate the completion of this project, which will benefit the industry partner by providing a venue of assessing this technology, and move further toward commercialization depending on the outcomes of this proof-of-concept study.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sohrab Zendehboudi


Omid Mohammadzadeh


Capillarity Ltd




Professional, scientific and technical services


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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