Novel membrane mimetics in HT antibody screening and structural biology

Many therapeutic targets are proteins embedded in the membrane that surrounds the cell. Traditionally, such targets present major challenges, because they required the use of detergents to extract them from the membrane and to purify them. Such detergents can cause artefacts, hampering the development of novel therapeutics. Here we will test new methods that get rid of detergents during extraction, purification, or both. The membrane proteins thus isolated can then be used for screening of therapeutic antibodies; for example the binding strength of an antibody against the target protein can be determined. In a different part of the project the purified protein can be used to determine the 3D-structure of the protein. The more native environment provided by the novel approaches is likely to improve stability of the sample and therefore increase the chances of success.

Faculty Supervisor:

Filip Van Petegem


Bernd Gardill


Amgen British Columbia Inc


Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Life sciences




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