Novel Microwave Welding for Thermoplastic Polymer Components

Microwave welding is proposed as a fabrication technique for joining thermoplastic polymer based composites. Microwave welding uses microwave energy and in the present study, a domestic microwave has been proposed to carry out the microwave welding of the thermoplastic components. Thermoplastic materials studied in this project will be considered after referring technical literature and in line with the industrial partner. Thermoplastic materials generally do not absorb the microwave energy and thus an interface material has to be applied in the weld zone. Interface material has to be a combination of thermoplastic material and a microwave energy absorbent filler. Post microwave welding, specimens have to be tested for understanding the performance of the weld joint and the joined specimens. Microwave welding is an environment friendly joining technique that leads to reduced cost and ease of processing, thus benefiting the partner organization to have an edge over other competitive companies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pierre Mertiny


Mahima Dua




Engineering - mechanical



University of Alberta



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