Novel OER catalysts and rapid screening methodology for reversal tolerant PEM fuel cell anodes

Hydrogen fuel cells are a promising alternative to meeting today’s transportation demands. Longer lasting and more robust fuel cells are essential for commercial applications. A common issue with the longevity of a fuel cell stack is the tolerance to repeated start-up shutdown cycles. During these cycles, the fuel cell can become starved of fuel due to blockages in the channels. Without fuel to react, the fuel cell will begin to break down the carbon supports causing catastrophic cell failure. To prevent this type of failure, new catalyst materials must be benchmarked quickly and efficiently to determine their properties and durability. We will investigate the interactions of the catalysts and support materials and compare the results to real world tests to find new and exciting fuel cell catalysts.

Faculty Supervisor:

Elod Lajos Gyenge


Colin Moore


Ballard Power Systems Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Alternative energy




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