Novel Perovskite Nanoparticle Water Quality Sensor

The proposed research aims to manufacture smart water sensors for real-time monitoring of Canadian watersheds’ quality. The need for clean water is constant for communities across Canada. With growing concerns related to organic pollutants entering the water supply, the treatment of drinking water and water systems, and their health effects a need has been sown. The requirement for rapid, high accuracy and low cost water quality sensors is as prevalent now as at any point in the past. One pollutant source comes in the form of organic molecules, often hydrocarbon wastes from manufacturing, or hormones given off from animal excrement. Tracking the dissipation and sequestration of organic molecules in a water body is critical to watershed health. In cities, these systems help identify and treat some of the symptoms of urban stream syndrome. The research will increase Canada’s scientific and engineering capabilities in water quality monitoring. As a result, Canada will benefit of high-skilled interns to the workforce in the addition of its ability to compete in the global water marketplace.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mustafa Yavuz;Eihab Abdel-Rahman


Bersu Bastug Azer;Joel Pennings;Nicholas Pfeifle;Junaid Siddiqui;Ahmet Gulsaran


Mantech Inc.






University of Waterloo



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