Novel sensing and actuating technology for gaseous fuel systems

The participants listed below confirm that the information presented accurately reflects their intention to apply to the Mitacs Accelerate program. The participants have also agreed to set in place an internship based upon the attached proposal. The participants acknowledge that they have read, understood and agreed to abide by and uphold the Project Responsibilities applicable to each of them, available for reference at which include and are not limited to the following: It is understood that the partner organization contribution shall be provided to Mitacs Inc. in Canadian dollars prior to commencement of the internship; in the event that the sponsor organization funds are at the academic institution, the academic institution shall forward these funds to Mitacs. Upon research approval and the receipt of the partner funds at Mitacs, Mitacs shall forward the funds to the Canadian academic institution as a research grant to the Canadian supervising professor, and the internship stipend/salary will be paid to the student by the academic institution from the grant. Costs associated with this proposal as outlined in the budget can only be incurred after research approval of the proposal and the receipt of the partner funds at Mitacs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rudolf Seethaler


Bradley Reinholz


Westport Innovations Inc.





University of British Columbia



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