Novel Treatments for bladder inflammation and pain

Interstitial cystitis is an inflammatory disease of the urinary bladder and is recognized as a serious medical condition associated with a profoundly negative impact on patients? quality of life. Currently, there are no widely acknowledged causes of this disorder and no effective treatments available. Panag is a Halifax based drug company which focuses on development of novel therapeutic treatments which can be used to alleviate both pain and inflammation associated with IC. The goal of our research is to provide IC patients with symptom and pain relief, as well as to improve outcome. Previous research showed that the immune system is regulated by another system within our body, called the endocannabinoid system. Our approach uses special drugs, called cannabinoids, which are designed to target this system and as a result, provide symptom and pain relief and improve patients? quality of life. Our project uses an established animal and tissue models to evaluate the effectiveness and toxicity of our treatment before human trials. The intern will learn valuable research industry-standard skills while Panag will gain insight into the therapeutic potential of their treatments

Faculty Supervisor:

Juan Zhou;Christian Lehmann


Geraint Berger;Kayle Dickson;Mariane Guttervill


Panag Pharma Inc


Pharmacy / Pharmacology



Dalhousie University



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