Numerical Analysis of In-floor-heated Slab Foundations

This research project will develop a numerical model of in-floor-heated slab foundations in Manitoba. With in-floor-heated slab foundations, it is important to know how to insulate the foundation to minimize heat losses to the ground while preventing frost heave. The proposed model will be used to analyze the effects of the amount and placement of insulation and the placement of in-floor-heating tubes in the foundation on energy transfer to the building exterior and ground. The benefits of this project for Manitoba Hydro are that the study will produce a model which could be used by the company to analyze existing in-floor-heating systems, design better systems and develop insulation guidelines for in-floor-heated slab-on-grade foundations in Manitoba. From an energy efficiency standpoint, this project will provide insight into methods of conserving energy in in-floor-heated slab-on-grade foundation buildings. This insight will help to achieve building energy usage reductions in the future.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Scott J. Ormiston


Meghan Guyot


Manitoba Hydro




Construction and infrastructure


University of Manitoba



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