Numerical Investigation of Long-Term Settlement of Waba Dam

Waba Dam is a zoned earth fill structure that was constructed on a deep soft, sensitive marine clay layer. This marine clay layer is characterized by its low shear strength and a large void ratio. During the last 32 years, the dam and its foundation has settled over 1.5 m (5 ft). Piezometric readings indicated that the excess pore water pressure in the foundation has not yet fully dissipated. Therefore, to ensure the continuous and safe operation of the dam it remains prudent to predict the deformation performance and check whether any adverse behaviour is likely to develop during its life span. The research is to deal with safety and stability concerns of Waba Dam on marine clay in Canada. The findings of this research will help to design and maintain the safe operation of embankment dams on marine clays in Canada and around the world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jinyuan Liu


Cong Shi


Ontario Power Generation


Engineering - civil


Environmental industry


Ryerson University



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