Numerical investigations of Geophysical Data


Geophysic is concerned with the study of the earth’s properties, and it is of great importance to oil and mineral exploration and in the environmental investigation. With the advanced in modern technology, enormous geophysical data are now available from the ground measurements and airborne surveys. One of the crucial tasks in geophysical investigation is to extract the important subsurface information and features of the earth from the massive data, and numerical analysis and computational techniques play a vital role in the recent progress and development in geophysics. The objective of the present MITACS Accelerate Internship is twofold. First, numerical procedures will be developed to efficiently invert subsurface resistivity distribution. Secondly, robust algorithms will be examined to solve an ill‐posed inverse problem. The developed numerical techniques will be tested using real ground data and magnetic data provided by the TerraNotes Ltd Geophysics. The anticipated results of this project have potential applications in solving geophysical problems of significance to Alberta industry.




Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Yau Shu Wong


Jian Deng


TerraNotes Ltd Geophysics




Oil and gas


University of Alberta



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