Numerical modeling and optimization of the coagulation-flocculation process for seawater pre-treatment

The result of this project can be used by engineers to design a multivariable control system that will optimize the dosing of chemicals in seawater pretreatment. Besides, the plant operators and technicians will be able to perform ‘what if’ scenarios based on computer modeling results to ensure that the outlet water quality is not decreased. The model will also provide an understanding of the effective parameters that determine the optimum coagulant/ flocculant dosage required for an effective water treatment process. This project is a part of a bigger project which is desalination of sea water, which can positively affect the Canadian community in case of water quality and availability. The results of the modeling can be directly used in that main project at Pani-energy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Madjid Mohseni


Morteza Jafarikojour


Pani Energy


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of British Columbia



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