Numerical Modelling of a Gasifier Biomass Bed

Vidir Machine Inc. is a manufacturer of custom agricultural and industrial machinery in rural Manitoba with a keen interest in green energy and environmental applications. Thus, a gasifier bed model will be developed to predict the oxidizing reactions occurring inside a straw gasifier. This model will then be integrated into an overall gasifier model to predict the process parameters inside a two-stage gasifier. This model will be used to optimize the air control system and provide a method to develop a feedback control loop on the primary and secondary air system. The bed model will be developed by assuming the straw is only moved by mechanical mixing and of variable compactness. The bed will be assumed as a porous media with the appropriate correction in the momentum equation for the added pressure loss term and the reduction in flow area.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Eric Bibeau


Jeremy Michael Langner


Vidir Machine Inc.




Alternative energy


University of Manitoba



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