Numerical Simulation of Turbulence and In-Situ Tidal Turbine Performance in Minas Passage

Turbulence is a significant issue at every site being considered for instream tidal energy development. This turbulent flow creates fluctuating forces on tidal turbine blades and support structures, reducing turbine performance and shortening turbine lifespan. Thus, improving and validating numerical models of turbulence and turbine operation in turbulent flow is necessary to better predict device operation and, thus, develop efficient and financially viable tidal energy projects. This project will extend existing numerical models to predict the impact of turbulence in Minas Passage on tidal turbine performance with the long-term goal of reducing the overall cost of energy production for the region. Numerical simulations will rely on EXN/Aero software developed and commercialized by Envenio, providing an opportunity to expand software capability and visibility in the environmental modelling sector.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tiger Jeans


Farhad Baratchi


Envenio Inc.


Engineering - mechanical






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