Numerical simulations of cavitation in oil pump and bearings for automotive applications

The hydraulic circuit, including pumps and bearings, has important application in automotive industry. The hydraulic circuits inside the engine block are often affected by the cavitation phenomenon. Cavitation can cause pressure fluctuation inside the fluid circuit and considerably affect the engine workability, durability, and efficiency. This proposal will address the cavitation by modeling the oil flow in vane pumps and bearings and analyze the cavitation using 3D CFD software PumpLinx? (by Simerics Inc.) and 1D GT Suite. The partner organization, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), is expected to receive a cavitation evaluation methodology, which can accurately predict the pressure variation and oil leakage in the engine lubrication system. The implemented models and investigation results will be included in the FCA internal database to improve the oil circuit performance of the engine.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vesselina Roussinova


Xu Jiaqi


FCA Canada


Engineering - mechanical




University of Windsor


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