Nurturing Landscapes: Bringing together ecology, education and design in the creation of stormwater management systems on school grounds

This research looks to explore the collaboration of ecology, education and design in the creation of built and natural systems to sustainably manage and educate about storm/rain water on school grounds. The research will be conducted through the analysis of 3 key case studies of schoolyard storm/rain water management projects that represent a successful, progressive and collaborative approach to the design, implementation, use and maintenance of the schoolyard water management system. The results of the case study analysis will be used to inform a pilot project to be undertaken at a school in Victoria, BC. During the main research period I will be doing 2 Mitacs internships with Murdoch de Greeff, a Victoria based company specializing in urban storm/rain water design and landscape architecture. Murdoch de Greeff will contribute hands-on professional knowledge to the research process, in turn they will benefit from the results of the research as professional development. By participating in this research Murdoch de Greeff will also be well poised to take on schoolyard design projects as more schools look to improve the water management and outdoor educational environments on their school grounds.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Valentin Schaefer


Catherine Orr


Murdoch de Greeff Inc.


Environmental sciences


Construction and infrastructure


University of Victoria



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