Nutritional and exercise recovery strategies to improve sports performance in young athletes – the need for protein

The purpose of this multi-project study is to investigate the effects of two different doses of protein supplementation following exercise training on muscle damage and inflammation, as well as on post-recovery exercise performance in young swimmers. Sub-project 1 examines whether whey protein supplementation following a training session enhances exercise performance and affects post-exercise muscle damage and inflammation. Sub-project 2 examines whether whey protein supplementation over a 10-wk training program affects body composition (muscle mass, adiposity), enhances muscle and sport-specific performance. Sub-project 3 examines whether whey protein supplementation during one week prior to a competition affects muscle damage, inflammation and performance in youth athletes. Swimmers in two developmental stages (before and around the age of the growth spurt) will be examined. The proposed research can lead to improved performance, and quality of life for Canadian athletes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Panagiota Klentrou


Brandon McKinlay


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Life sciences


Brock University



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