Nutritional Prenatal Soft-gel Development

The requirement for dissolution testing (both routine sample and method development) is increasing for all of the current and future programs at Accucaps and is a regulatory requirement for most oral pharmaceutical products. The need for access to capacity and development capabilities for dissolution must reach beyond Accucaps. For these reasons, a collaboration with Dr Shawn Wettig (University of Waterloo) to utilize his dissolution capacity and knowledge for non-GMP "piece-meal" and development activities is being pursued. The purpose of the proposed research is to develop robust dissolution testing methods for soft gelatin capsule dosage forms, which provide the high quality data necessary for in vitro – in vivo correlation with bioavailability data. This work will initially begin with the dissolution analysis of a prenatal vitamin supplement under development by Accucaps.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Shawn Wettig


Shannon Priscilla Callender & TBD


Accucaps Industries Ltd.


Pharmacy / Pharmacology




University of Waterloo



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