Nutritional value of Mysis diluviana for the growth, development and reproduction of hatchery-reared salmonids

Mysis diluviana, a shrimp-like crustacean, is an invasive species in Okanagan Lake. As part of a strategy by the BC government to reduce the impact of this species on the natural lake ecosystem, Piscine Energetics Inc. has been harvesting Mysis from Okanagan Lake since 2000 and retails the harvested Mysis as fish food to the ornamental aquarium industry. There are indications that Mysis could also be an effective source of nutrition for rearing trout and salmon in hatcheries. If so, this could provide three important benefits: it could provide increased economic opportunities for the Mysis harvesting industry, help BC hatcheries transition away from fish foods containing unsustainable marine fish meal, and decrease the population of this invasive species in Okanagan Lake. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Louis Gosselin


Ravinder Sappal


Piscine Energetics Inc




Fisheries and wildlife




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