On-board gaseous fuel compression for low greenhouse gas commercial vehicles

To reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from goods transportation low-carbon fuels can be combined with high-efficiency engine systems. Gaseous fuels such renewable natural gas and hydrogen offer low net GHG emissions from efficient direct-injection engines. These engines use high fuel injection pressures that need to be supplied during operation by a compressor on the vehicle. This project will investigate the technical pathways that could provide the desired fuel pressures. The objectives of the work include identifying the best way to drive the compressor; preparation of models to guide the design of the compressor system; and development and evaluation of two prototype compressors that can operate on a range of gaseous fuels including NG and H2. A successful outcome from this project will allow high-efficient low-GHG engine technology to be applied to transport truck applications worldwide.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gordon McTaggart-Cowan


Mehdi Nikkhah


Westport Power Inc






Simon Fraser University



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