Online Aboriginal Business Incubator

Online business incubation is a rapidly growing field. For many First Nations entrepreneurs who live in remote locations away from large cities, these online incubators allow access to resources that would otherwise be unavailable. While online incubators are becoming more prevalent, the majority of business incubators still operate through face-to-face methods. As such, there is a need not only for more developed online business incubators, but also online business incubators designed specifically for use by Aboriginal entrepreneurs. This internship will examine successful iterations of face-to-face mainstream incubators, face-to-face Aboriginal incubators, and online mainstream incubators in order to determine in what areas each perform well and where each might need improvement. This research will be consolidated and used in the construction of the first accepted online Aboriginal business incubator. Nesika Management Ltd. provides financial and business management in order to allow Aboriginal entrepreneurs to achieve prosperity and self-reliance in their entrepreneurial ventures. This new online business incubator would contain important tools and resources for Aboriginal entrepreneurs to build successful companies, and subsequently help Nesika to achieve their stated aims.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brent Mainprize


Reuben Copley


Nesika Management Ltd.








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